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About Us

We are producers of integrated software. From our own major document assembly software in cloud (SAAS), we have customized Report on net for a niche application in home industry. Please write to us if you needs are different from the line up here.

Report on Net (RON) is a diversified, On-line reporting system, suitable for most major industry protocols and can be customized to suite your needs. You can insert your company's name, title or subtitles of the pages, change the header, comments as you go or keep it in your templates in our system. Currently, we are beta testing in actual field trials and hence all our plans are completely free. However you do need to register with us before you can try or use the system. Your comments in improving the system are welcome.

At RON, we believe that era for desktop reporting software is passing. With so many issues with licensing like number of machines, upgrades etc, and for what you pay for a decent desk top application, you can get five times more reports and many more features that desktop applications can never provide. You can use this system on any type of device, tablet, or ipad or use it in your office, on line or offline, and your clients get the report on line (or soon by even snail mail) all from your touch of the button. No time is wasted, neither on site, nor afterwards, as you start with the same format and store it on the servers.

We are also experimenting with voice prompts from the PC OS, which will guide you, as you conduct the inspection and most of the fields will be filled in automatically.