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Do I have to be a member of any association to use it?
You do not have to be of any association to use RON (Report on Net). We have no affiliation with any association. The protocols of some of these may have been used by their respective members who are the user of this reporting system. You must have permission and adhere to their logo use policies in your reports. We do not offer any logo downloads.

How much do I have to pay?
At this time, you do not have to pay. Basic feature are suitable for a single inspector operation. We shall soon be adding more features like booking on line, integration with CRM, marketing etc. More premium plans shall be unveiled later.

Do I have to be on line to use it?
stand alone desktop application and it shall available soon. As of now active internet connection is needed.

Can I customize my reports the way I like?
The system is adequately Customizable. Video tutorials are coming soon. The permutation and combinations are endless. Virtually no two companies may have look-alike reports If they like). Yet if there is a feature that you would like to be incorporated, please let us and if there is enough demand or it warrants being included, we shall try to incorporate it. We also have a service to create your template. Inquire within.

How can I use it to get new clients, SEO or integrate with my site?
system is being designed to have SEO and social web features built right in. You can decide on how information you wish to provide, from just saying that you inspected at a specific location to whole content. Tools are there for you to use. You decide how you wish to broadcast your services. You set it up once and then with every inspection, you can get feedback (and potential new clients) who you name on a more regular basis. Any one searching for a home inspector at your location or the location where you inspected will find you faster that your competitor.