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1 - www.reporton.net can be used on most devices, in most major operating systems and modern browsers, without any need for software upgradation, as the system is fully hosted in cloud.

2 - It suites solo operator as well as Multi-inspector firms with admin privileges.

3 - Easy set up, quick start with minimal learning curve.

4 - Several standard templates for most different types of inspections to get you started right away or create your own. Save new clips in templates as you create reports. Meets most major Standard of Practices in use today or create your own. Create any number of templates or setup.

5 - Formatting and Editing to suite the way you want to display; simple English narrative reports are produced faster than checklist. Insert Images, and any references automatically and generate summary items, invoices etc unlimited pages, insertions, or attachments. Upload and include professional logos in your reports, or use the directory.

6 - Reports can be customized in most formats. Pages are automatically numbered. Can be imported, saved or exported as HTML, PDF or WORD format.

7 - Statistical information on your Inspection business, Realtors and Clients, Ancillary documents can be stored, used with / with out reports. Encrypted password secured archive, Periodic real time back up.

8 - Send Emails from with in the system. Calendar, Accounting and Management system integration available.

9 - Many payment plans to choose from: As little as 35 cents per report; or pay $ 2.95 per report as you go, or unlimited reports for life plans.